March 23, 2010

Don Mullan at British Film Festival with his Film "Bloody Sunday"

From 22 to 26 of March, 2010 the British Film Festival took place in Yerevan, Armenia.
Today I attended one of the screenings. It was the movie "Bloody Sunday" by Don Mullan.

The "Bloody Sunday", sometimes called the Bogside Massacre, was an incident on 30 January 1972 in the Bogside area of Derry, Northern Irland. Twenty-seven civil rights protesters were shot by the British Army during a Northern Irland Civil Rights Association march. Thirteen people, seven of whom were teenagers, died immediately, while the death of another person 4 and a half months later has been attributed to the injuries he received on the day.

You can find the trailer of the film here:

After the film we had a discussion with the co-producer of the film-Don Mullan. As a very generous person he answered all our questions for more than an hour.

With Don Mullan, co-producer of the film "Bloody Sunday"

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