March 26, 2010

Iranians celebrate New Year in Armenia

These days in the streets of Yerevan you can meet thousands of Iranins who came from Iran to celebrate their New Year (Nou Ruz) in Armenia.
Here is a video about it:

If the video doesn't work try to Copy and Paste one of these liks:


  1. Oh, my God,I cannot see it. I don't know why, but the video doesn't work.


  2. yeah, culture of Iran and Armenia is not far from each other, so people select it as holiday destination.(Iran and Armenia was same county in the past)
    Armenia is near and is a visa friendly country for Iranians
    also some Iranian are invited by their Armenian friend in Iran who have relatives in Armenia.

    and about video, I think Iranian must improve their English!! of course English is not used and communication language in Iran at all.

    I think Morteza can't see video because Youtube is blocked by his ISP.


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