August 18, 2010

Gift from grandfather

Today I received two fantastically old dictionaries from my grandfather as a gift. He has used the dictionaries many years ago while working in different organizations and doing translations form Persian to English and vice versa.One of the dictionaries is Iranian-English and the other one is English-Iranian. They can be treasures for any museum and they are treasures for me too. They not only look but also smell really old.
"Khayyam Dictionary", Iranian-English, 1315-1936,
فرهنگ خیام - فارسی بانگلیسی

"The Pocket Dictionary", English-Iranian, by A. A. Kavoosi Baroomand, Tehran, Ordibehesht, 1317, 1938

Dear grandpa, thank you very much! I hope to develop my knowledge of Persian quicker with these dictionaries :)


  1. WoW, very old!! Your grandfather likes you so much that give you such books and he used them many years!!!

  2. Yes Amir, he really loves me :) and I love him too. He has brought these books from Iran to Armenia in 1940s but the books are published in 1930s. And since then he has used them a lot.


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