September 21, 2010

Independence Day

eptember 21: The Independence Day of the Republic of Armenia. Independent Republic of Armenia is 19 years old today.
On 1 March 1991 the Supreme Council of Soviet Armenia adopted a decision to hold a referendum about withdrawing the Soviet Union and becoming an independent state.

Fully in line with the Soviet Union legislation a referendum was held on 21 September 1991 in Soviet Armenia with the participants voting whether they wanted that Armenia be an independent state outside of the Soviet Union.

Of all the 2,056,758 voters in Armenia 2,042,627 (94.39%) said "yes" to the independence.

Two days later, based on the results of the September 21 referendum, the Supreme Council of the then Soviet Armenia declared Armenia an independent state.

Happy Independence Day dear Armenians!

September 19, 2010

A New Art Work

"Dedication", gouache, paper, 15x21cm (this painting is made using my own special method), 19 September 2010

the first painting at the new studio
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