March 13, 2011

A Travel Experience of Virginie

Once, to be precise in 2010, a girl from France, Virginie Descamps decided to travel to Armenia. Well, when we all plan a journey to another country we have great expectancies and want to experience all the best from the country, culture, people, etc. But when at one point of your journey you find yourself on an unknown highway, in a taxi where the driver doesn’t know any of the languages you know, then the driver locks you in the taxi, nothing good comes to your mind and you start to imagine all the worst scenarios in your mind. But is it always so bad? Discover it by reading further.
© Photo copyright by Virginie

Here is how Virginie describes an episode from her travel to Armenia:

“Well the weirdest experience for was when I was in Armenia, we, a friend and I, took a taxi to go to Goris, in the south. We didn't speak Armenian, a few words in Russian, the taxi driver doesn't speak English or possible communication! On the highway, we meet a truck, the taxi driver seemed to know him, he noded to him...and then he the middle of nowhere! The truck stops too. He gets out of the taxi, close all the door, so we were lock up inside, and goes to see the truck driver... We were frightened, we were thinking "ok, they are going steal all of what we have...they are going to kill us! ... we had a beautiful life ... it's ok". After about fifteen minutes, half an hour, it seemed to be so long! the taxi driver comes back...with apricots! for us, he just saw we were hungry.” :) Virginie Descamps

So, the conclusion is, don’t judge without knowing and let yourself to enjoy all the hospitability of the new country and people.

P.S. Thank you Virginie for letting me to share this story.

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